Nazi Music

The nazi racist message has found popular expression through rock music with nazi bands rivalling hooligan football firms in attracting followers. Key themes are white power and violence. Words include "…die Jew die…" Nazi bands have developed a following in the North East of England.

'Disco Diva' TechnoT - Kevin Turner The Sunderland Echo exposed Kevin Turner (DJ TechnoT) as an active member of nazi rock band Skullhead – Sunderland Echo: Top DJ Exposed as Racist Thug.

The Evening Chronicle exposed local bouncer, Rodney Aikin, as a member of the local white power rock group, Warhammer – TWAFA News Archive: Nazi Warhammer Singer Loses Bouncer Registration and also Evening Chronicle: Nazi Terror.

Warhammer Band members playing on stage in Coventry 1999

Blood and Honour and White Noise

Blood and Honour is the name that nazi music and many nazi bands have come to be known by.

NE Blood and Honour band Warhammer in Coventry, October 1999.

Skullhead (photo below) has connections with the National Front White Noise network.

Techno T and Skullhead Singer Kevin Turner

North East DJ Techno T, revealed by the Sunderland Echo as Kevin Turner, lead singer for the white-power band Skullhead. Sunderland Echo

Nazi band Warhammer (photo below) is well known amongst Blood and Honour followers in the North East.

In March 1998 a Warhammer gig was hosted by local supporters in Chilton, County Durham with the encouragement of a local core of Nazi boneheads.

Warhammer Band

Featured in the centre of this picture is an early photo of Rodney Aikin, former bouncer in Newcastle, who lost his Council registration following exposure by the Evening Chronicle. (Nazi Warhammer Singer Loses Bouncer Registration and also Evening Chronicle: Nazi Terror).

Warhammer, previously called Nordic Warrior, specialises in Nazi lyrics with songs like Die Jew Die and This is England – Get Out.

Warhammer guitarist, Frazer Robinson, was convicted of importing pepper spray and CS gas from Germany in 1999. TWAFA Annual Report – Chairs Report 1999

Warhammer Band playing on stage

Nazi Music and Venues in the North East of England

Clubs and pubs local to the North East provide venues for nazi groups. In March 1998, Crashed Out played at Rockshots in Newcastle. The band then played an April St. George’s Day gig at the On Cue snooker hall in Jarrow that attracted nazi boneheads from throughout the UK.

Other local venues, pubs and clubs have given Nazi bands space to play and the opportunity to recruit followers. Local fascists make considerable effort to promote gigs and keep them secret from the law and from local anti-fascists. Nazi bands often attempt to hide the true nature of bookings from venue owners and managers – this is why giving information about their activities to the authorities and/or TWAFA is essential.

Nazi Music Culture

Fanzines, concerts, songs and followers are racist, homophobic and anti-Semitic. The bands often adopt skinhead dress, though more generally, real skinheads view these beliefs as beyond contempt – read more about skinheads Skinheads.

Ian Stuart Donaldson taking part in a tug-o'-war competition at a National Front garden party in Kent during 1983.

Ian Stuart Donaldson – UK Nazi Music – Key Figure

Donaldson was a major mover behind the UK Blood and Honour music scene following a split with the National Front controlled White Noise network.

Donaldson, the archetypal bonehead anti-Semite and originating member of nazi band Skrewdriver, died without much of a flourish in a car crash in 1993. He is commemorated amongst some white-power music fans and promoters.

The economics of white power music

Promotion throughout Europe and the US of far right music is reputed to earn millions from the sale of records and other merchandise. UK bands belong to White Noise and to Blood and Honour networks that organise concerts and finance recordings. Though nazi music is a minority taste, their followers are prepared to travel long distances to meet at secretly organised gigs.

Earnings from White Power music "Blood and Honour" funds the political activities and lifestyles of the far right. The sale of records, CDs and other merchandise is understood to raise over £1 million per year for racist activities, as well recruiting for Nazis groups.

Charlie Sargent, one of C18 originators

In January 1998, Paul Sergeant, a former Combat 18 leader, and Martin Cross, a fellow member, were jailed for life for the murder of another fringe member, Christopher Castle, who was stabbed in February 1997. He was killed in a power struggle for this lucrative business.

Blood and Honour has been organised in the UK by Combat 18, a terrorist style paramilitary organisation who became notorious for violence in the 1990’s.

Photo: Charlie Sargent, one of C18’s originators.

Police raid shops and warehouses throughout Europe because of songs’ criminal messages inciting racist and homophobic violence. There are also many Internet outlets for white power CD’s.

Nazi Music Worldwide

For information about Nazi and White Power bands worldwide visit’s website: Soundtrack of Hate and bands are listed on: White Power Music Groups. The Anti Nazi League continues to run a campaign against racism in music: Love Music Hate Racism.

What to do…

Information about the activities of Blood and Honour or White Noise bands is really important if we are to stop nazi racism and violence. Information will allow police, local breweries, venue owners or managers to be alerted to their illegal activities.

TWAFA also welcomes information in its role of monitoring Nazi activities in the North East. Contact TWAFA.