Please donate: help us keep the North East free from the far right.

TWAFA has been campaigning against fascism and the far right for nearly 30 years. Our greatest legacy is that TWAFA and its volunteers have been successful in preventing the far right gaining a voice in the North East. During that time we have seen off the the BNP, the NF and are now campaigning against the hateful EDL, and other far right groups.
We continue to unite groups, individuals and networks against the effects of any fascist and nazi beliefs.We rely on both volunteers hard work and project workers to acheive this and in times of austerity even more than ever we need your support to help us to see that the North East stays free of far right groups.
We are calling on our supporters to donate to TWAFA and help us all see another 30 years of a far right free North East.
To Donate by cheque:
Please send cheques made payable to “Tyne and Wear Anti-Fascist Association” to :TWAFA, c/o Unison, Room 145, Civic Centre, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 8QH.
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