North East Election Results: May 2013: BNP fail again

The election on May 2nd saw the BNP fail badly again in the region, coming 7th out of 9 candidates in Spennymoor, and 4th out of 7 in Tudhoe, and went on to lose their deposit in the South Shields By-election coming 6th out of 9.


Durham County Council,  

South Shields

Spennymoor results:

Candidate Party Votes Elected
GELDARD, Ian Labour Party Candidate 950 Elected
LAWTON, Patricia Labour Party Candidate 911 Elected
MADDISON, Elizabeth Spennymoor Independents People Before Politics 877
MOLLOY, Amanda Marie British National Party 271
NELSON, Colin Labour Party Candidate 868
ORD, Benjamin May Liberal Democrat 872
SMEDLEY, George Conservative Party Candidate 188
THOMPSON, Kevin Spennymoor Independents People Before Politics 1034 Elected

Tudhoe Results:

Candidate Party Votes Elected
COAD, Richard Louis Conservative Party Candidate 121
FOSTER, Neil Crowther Labour Party Candidate 942 Elected
GRAHAM, Barbara Labour Party Candidate 1024 Elected
HUDSON, Cherry Rozanne UK Independence Party (UK I P) 302
MOLLOY, Peter Michael British National Party 410
PARKER, Richard Spennymoor Independents People Before Politics 449
RHODES, Edward Liberal Democrat 115
SPROAT, Christine Spennymoor Independents People Before Politics 261


South Shields By election

ALLEN Karen The Conservative Party Candidate 2857
ANNAND Hugh Liberal Democrat 352
BROOKES Lady Dorothy MacBeth British National Party 711
BROWN Phil The Independent Socialist Party 750
DARWOOD Thomas Faithful Independent 57
ELVIN Richard Peter UK Independence Party (UK I P) 5988
HOPE Howling Laud The Official Monster Raving Loony Party 197
KHAN Ahmed Independent 1331
LEWELL-BUCK Emma Labour Party Candidate 12493

The turnout was 39.3%.

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