‘I don’t want him to go to prison’ Muslim mum who had niqab ripped off pleads for attacker’s mercy


Peter Scotter, who will be sentenced after he pulled a niqab off a woman in a shopping centre and yelled “you are in our country now, you stupid f****** Muslim” (Photo: PA)

A Muslim mum whose niqab veil was ripped off in a hate-filled race attack is pleading for the thug not to go to prison.

In a remarkable show of forgiveness towards Peter Scotter, 55, the mother-of-four said she wants him to go free.  Read Lucy Thornton’s report here

(c) TWAFA Comment: These are very generous sentiments expressed by somebody who has been through a traumatic event, which has clearly and sadly affected her badly. At a time when so many poisonous words seem to be being uttered and when another utterly pointless terrorist atrocity has left innocent people dead and hit the headlines, the last words from this lady are worth reflecting upon: ‘I want to show love and not be hateful, I want to be the kind of person who makes a positive difference in this world.’

Perhaps this is something we should all aim for….  It is also a timely reminder of what so many Muslims really believe…

(c) TWAFA March 2017