Man accused of sending malicious letter wants to become MP – and has spoken with George Galloway

David Lindsay, from Lanchester, is hoping to be elected as an independent councillor on May 4, before facing court on May 16

A man accused of a malicious communication by offering cash for the heads of Labour councillors is hoping to become an MP, it has emerged.

David Lindsay, of Foxhills Crescent in Lanchester, County Durham, is standing as an independent candidate in Lanchester as part of the local council elections – and even has his sights set on the Durham North West seat in the upcoming General Election. Read Laura Hill’s article here

TWAFA Comment: Although this case is still to be heard at court, this story is still quite disturbing. It would appear that somebody sent malicious letters to elected councillors, which seemed to have had a serious and dangerous intent.   It is another warning sign that hatred and threats of violence are creeping into our political life more and more.  There can be no merit in allowing such malicious behaviour to prosper in the political or any other arena of society or for it to become the new norm.  That way lies madness…..

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