The far right thrives on global networks. They must be fought online and off

“Muslims are like cockroaches. An infestation that needs to be eradicated. Immediately. Permanently”, reads the tweet by one of thousands of anonymous far-right Twitter accounts that spread hate against ethnic and religious minorities each day.

Meanwhile, National Action calls for a “White Jihad”, right next to a tweet about their Miss Hitler 2016 competition. After National Action became Britain’s first far-right group to be banned, its web page was taken down. Yet, until a few days ago its official Twitter profile has been operative and hosts an arsenal of dangerous propaganda.

Read Julia Ebner’s article here

TWAFA Comment: Here at TWAFA we would echo everything said in this thoughtful article.  Free speech is one thing, but hate speech is entirely different and must not be allowed to become part of our political dialogue. Nor must the use of fabricated stories and alternative facts.  Hatred and violence must not become the new norms in our society…for that would be a very dangerous road to go down.

(C) TWAFA May 2017