The vile thug who ripped a woman’s niqab off in a Sunderland shopping centre has pleaded guilty to sending a sick message to a child.

Peter Scotter, 56, admitted to three incidents of harassment in which he sent abuse to an under-16, a woman and a man. Read Sean Seddon’s article here

TWAFA Comment: This sad and sorry tale is part of a wider pattern, concerning those involved in the far-right or otherwise prepared to take part in racist activities. Like so many involved in such activities, Scotter has shown himself to be a deeply unpleasant individual on numerous occasions, with little respect for the law or indeed other people.

It is litlle wonder that Scotter is currently serving a custodial sentence. It is also little wonder that so many in our region want nothing to do with the kind of views and actiosn Scotter has been involved in.

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