Pledge to tackle ‘right wing extremism’ in Newcastle as city is targeted

Half a million pounds has been set aside to tackle right wing extremism in Newcastle.

The Home Office is set to pledge up to £500,000 to Newcastle City Council to tackle the issue as politicians say the city is seen as a ‘target’ for the far right.

Councillor Nick Kemp, the cabinet member responsible for the Safer Newcastle Partnership, revealed details of the project at a meeting this week.

The overview and scrutiny committee heard on Thursday that there are 15 hate crimes each week across the city. Read Laura Hill’s article here

TWAFA Comment: As we have said many times before, there can be no place for extremism of any kind in Newcastle or the Northeast in general. Extremism and hate-filled politics have also been regularly rejected by the people of our region; witness the huge counter-demonstration against the Pegida march in February 2015, which dwarfed the Pegida march itself and the fact that the BNP never won a single council seat in the Northeast.

The people of Newcastle and the Northeast neither want nor need the kind of hate-filled and violent benaviour, which seems to be all far-right groups and other extremists have to offer.

(c) TWAFA July 2017