Newcastle grooming gang members jailed for up to 29 years

Members of a “cynical and well-practised” grooming gang have been jailed for up to 29 years for sexually abusing vulnerable girls in Newcastle upon Tyne after plying them with drugs.

The men were convicted following an unprecedented and strongly criticised police investigation in which a convicted rapist was paid £10,000 to inform on the gang.

Newcastle crown court heard how the gang’s victims, aged between 13 and 25, were given alcohol and the class B drug mephedrone before being sexually assaulted at “sessions” in the west end of the city.  Read Josh Halliday’s article here

TWAFA Comment: It is good to justice starting to be done in this awful case. The men involved in this case have shown an appalling disregard for the humanity for their victims and there can be no doubt that they deserve long prison sentences.

But it is also important to remember that they are a group of sickening individuals, who in no way represent any community, be it Newcastle’s west end or any other.

Any groups of people trying to exploit the terrible suffering of the girls involved for their own racist and divisive reasons deserve almost as much condemnation as those in the gang who committed these disgusting crimes.


(c) TAWAFA September 2017