‘Abhorrent’ EDL told it has no place in Newcastle as police chief admits he can’t stop protests

The EDL has been told it “has no place in Newcastle” ahead of a protest against crimes exposed by Operation Shelter .

The right-wing movement is planning a march on Saturday following the sentencing of 18 people convicted in connection with the sexual exploitation of vulnerable young girls in the West End of Newcastle .  Read Laura Hill’s article here

TWAFA Comment: The EDL march planned for Saturday 9th September will achieve absolutely nothing positive.  It will certainly do nothing to help the survivors and their families. But the of course, that is not the intention. The EDL have absolutely no answers to the problems the people of Newcastle face in rebuilding communities damaged by the crimes committed in the west end and uncovered by Operation Sanctuary.

It is perhaps noteworthy that a facebook page advertising the EDL march also mentions pubs those involved could go in en route. At the end of the day that surely shows what the EDL march really is: a drunken, hate march.  No wonder so many people in Newcastle are against it.

(C) TWAFA September 2017