She fled the Taliban to Tyneside but now she’s fighting deportation to her troubled homeland

She fled the Taliban in her troubled homeland taking refuge on Tyneside but despite securing a prestigious scholarship this budding biologist is facing the prospect of being unable to take up her course.

Arooba Hameed has been living on Tyneside since she was 19 when she fled the Taliban in her native Pakistan but more than three years later she is still hoping to be granted asylum. Read Amanda Cashmore’s article here

TWAFA Comment:

How ironic that somebody who has had to flee the Taliban is now facing deportation back to danger, largely because of racist, anti-asylum attitudes, which often start with people who would claim themselves to be very much against the likes of the Taliban.  That such attitudes seem to be prevalent in the Home Office should be a matter of concern to us all.

The story also highlights exactly what life is like for an asylum seeker, away from the fantasy land of the shoddy right-wing press and media.  it is often a very difficult life and is often in many respects worse than the life they have fled from. The only way it is any better is that they feel safer here, than in their country of origin.

We can also clearly see just how much Arooba, like so many asylum seekers has to offer this country.  We should be delighted that such a talented young woman has come to live here. Indeed it is ridiculous that asylum seekers, who include so many doctors nurses, teachers and other highly educated people are not allowed to work in our country. All because of the lies and half-truths of a few London-based newspapers, owned by tax-avoiding millionaires who don’t even live in this country….

By way of contrast is heartening to see one of our local newspapers printing a truthful story about an asylum seeker. We wish Arooba all the best in her quest to gain the funding she needs to help her in her studies and so help her to contribute so much to our society.

(c) TWAFA September 2017