EDL founder Tommy Robinson comes to Tyneside three months after last trip saw violent clashes

Far right activist Tommy Robinson is returning to Tyneside just four months after his last visit to the region saw violent clashes.

He will be hosting a book launch in November at a venue to be confirmed in either Newcastle or Gateshead .

Tickets for the event will cost between £16.50 and £38.50 during which he will sign copies of his new book and take part in a question and answer session.

Read Mike Kelly’s article here

TWAFA Comment: Tommy Robinson, whose real name of course is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, did nothing but cause trouble on his last visit to the region, at an ill-fated and pathetic book launch in Sunderland on 29th July, where Yaxley-Lennon deliberately wore a Glasgow Rangers shirt as Celtic were the visitors that day. Which was a bit strange, of course, given Yaxley-Lennon’s Irish heritage!

The fast-fading EDL formed by Yaxley-Lennon, last visited the Northeast on 9th September, when a dismal turnout of about 70 was outnumbered NINE times by counter-protestors.

Yaxley-Lennon turned his back on the EDL four years ago, but we think he will be just as unwelcome here, if he shows up in November.

We simply don’t need and don’t want his kind of hate-preaching in our region.

(c) TWAFA Octoer 2017