Hate crimes double against mosques and Muslim places of worship in last year

Hate crimes targeting mosques and other Muslim places of worship more than doubled across the UK over the last year, it has been revealed.

Police forces recorded 110 incidents between March and July this year, up from just 47 over the same period in 2016.

They included three hate crimes in the North East in 2017, up from two last year.

Racist abuse and threats to “bomb the mosque” feature heavily among the hate crimes, as do incidents of offenders smashing windows on buildings and parked cars.

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TWAFA Comment: This is very troubling news, in line with the spike in hate crimes that occurred after the European Union Referendum in June 2016. It is scant consolation that we have not seen as large a rise in attacks on mosques in our region as there has been in London and Manchester.

There should not be any rise at all in such hate crimes in the Northeast.  Indeed, there should not be any such hate crimes full stop.

There can never be any excuse for targeting innocent people in this way, who have done no harm and just want to get on with their lives; as the vast majority of people do.

The great divide in our society is not between Muslims and non-Muslims.  It is between the vast majority of decent, law-abiding people of all faiths and the tiny minority of extremists from whatever background they come from, who seek to cause harm to innocent people.

We sincerely hope that all those involved in such hate crimes are caught and dealt with robustly through the processes of the law.

(c) TWAFA October 2017