Why were the words of Martin Luther King being read out on the Metro?

To mark the 50th anniversary of Dr King’s visit to Newcastle, the Metro played recordings from his honorary degree speech

The message of Martin Luther King was shared with Metro commuters to mark the 50th anniversary of his visit to Newcastle.

The words of Dr King’s speech at Newcastle University on November 13 1967 were played on the tannoy across all 60 Metro stations throughout Monday.

Extracts from the speech were voiced by 15 year-old Excelsior Academy pupil Yuri Neves and four recordings an hour were broadcast across the Metro system.  Read Kathryn Riddell’s article here

TWAFA Comment: Another reminder of a great day in the history of Newcastle. But how sad that the scourges of war, poverty and racism, which Dr. King highlighted in his speech in Newcastle, are still with us. We have much to do to continue Martin’s great work.

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