Police in Durham to ensure demonstrations by far-right extremists and anti-fascists stay peaceful

POLICE will be in Durham to ensure demonstrations between opposing far right activists and anti-racists passes peacefully this weekend.

Bishop Auckland Against Islam announced it will join the North East Infidels for a protest in Millennium Place at 1pm, on Saturday, in response to the provision of housing for Syrian refugees in the county.

They will be opposed by the County Durham Anti-Racist Coalition and Unite Against Fascism North East. Read Gavin Engelbrecht’s article here

TWAFA Comment: Anybody who has seriously studied the brutal and vicious civil war in Syria or looked properly at the pictures of children shivering in freezing refugee camps during the cold winter months, or seen the nightmare images of those parts of Syria which the despicable so-called Islamic State were able to take over, would not begrudge County Durham Council housing a couple of hundred survivors from that terrible conflict. It appears that  members of Northeast Infidels and Bishop Auckland against Islam haven’t done so or have not understood what they show us. Our shared common humanity surely compels us to help refugees from Syria.

(c) TWAFA November 2017