Two North East thugs sentenced for role in violent clashes at neo-Nazi rally in Liverpool

wo right-wing thugs who travelled from the North East to Liverpool for a neo-Nazi rally have been sentenced for their part in the violent clashes.

Brian Stamp and Alan Raine took part in an “anti-immigration” event last year which escalated into shocking scenes that left one woman scarred for life and two police officers injured.

During the disorder Stamp, from South Shields, was filmed screaming obscenities and vile threats at anti-fascists while wearing gloves with reinforced knuckle-pads.  Read Neil Docking’s article here

TWAFA Comment: Another day, and another conviction…or rather two convictions. More evidence, as if any were needed, that the core of far-right activity is based around mindless violence. Questions also need to be raised about the maturity of far-right members such as Stamp, talking about his new ‘bad boy gloves’.  As for the impact on Stamp’s son, of him going to prison, he has hardly been setting  the young lad a good example has he?

(c) TWAFA November 2017