Muslim man says he was beaten in Durham for saying ‘Merry Christmas’

A PALESTINIAN graduate who says he was savagely beaten for being a Muslim after wishing someone a merry Christmas has spoken of his shock.

Ihsan Abualrob described how he was repeatedly kicked in his head and body by three men as he lay cowering on the ground, and said at one point he thought he was going to die. Read Gavin Engelbrecht’s article here

TWAFA Comment: How many times have we had to comment on a story like this, on how appalling it is, on how inappropriate and unacceptable it is? Yet again, racists have cast a shadow on our proud region.  Let us be clear on one thing here; Mr Abualrob had far more of the true Christmas spirit about him and was acting far more in the Christian spirit of peace and goodwill than his assailants.  Hopefully those guilty of this terrible assault will be found guilty and sentences accordingly.

(c) TWAFA December 2017