Take a look inside the asylum seekers’ housing block that is cramped, run down and making children ill

The health of some of Newcastle’s most vulnerable children is being harmed due to poor living conditions, according to residents and campaigners.

ChronicleLive was invited inside a large shared house in the West End of Newcastle which is used to house single mothers seeking asylum in the UK and their children.

The property, which is split into three different houses, is managed by Jomast on behalf of G4S, which provides asylum housing for the Home Office. Read Sean Seddon’s article here

(C) TWAFA Comment:  This is a very disturbing story.  It clearly isn’t right that those who have come to our shores to seek safety should be forced to live in conditions like these.  Having been through the traumas they have had to live through, asylum seekers deserve and quite frankly need better.

There is, of course, a huge housing crisis affecting many hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people in this country.  Shelter estimated recently that there would be 128 000 homeless children in this country on Christmas Day. Tory M.P.s voted down a Labour amendment to the 2016 Housing Bill, which would have required all landlords to make their homes fit for human habitation.  Both of those events should be totally unacceptable in what is one of the richest countries in the world.  A lot more should be done to help ordinary British people get decent housing.  But that doesn’t mean that asylum seekers don’t deserve decent housing too.  They are our fellow human beings. There really should be enough resources and human goodwill for all people resident in this country to have decent housing.  What is lacking is the political will.

One thing the story above does do is show just how badly the right-wing tabloid press and the far-right generally, lie when they talk about conditions facing asylum seekers in this country.  They have a very tough time of it…and really shouldn’t have to.

(c) TWAFA January 2018