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Two North East thugs sentenced for role in violent clashes at neo-Nazi rally in Liverpool

wo right-wing thugs who travelled from the North East to Liverpool for a neo-Nazi rally have been sentenced for their part in the violent clashes.

Brian Stamp and Alan Raine took part in an “anti-immigration” event last year which escalated into shocking scenes that left one woman scarred for life and two police officers injured.

During the disorder Stamp, from South Shields, was filmed screaming obscenities and vile threats at anti-fascists while wearing gloves with reinforced knuckle-pads.  Read Neil Docking’s article here

TWAFA Comment: Another day, and another conviction…or rather two convictions. More evidence, as if any were needed, that the core of far-right activity is based around mindless violence. Questions also need to be raised about the maturity of far-right members such as Stamp, talking about his new ‘bad boy gloves’.  As for the impact on Stamp’s son, of him going to prison, he has hardly been setting  the young lad a good example has he?

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Three prominent British neo-nazis have been sent to prison tonight.

The weekend started early, with news that three of Britain’s most notorious and violent neo-Nazis were today handed down custodial sentences in court.

The convictions relate to an attempt by (now-banned) nazi terror group National Action to hold a second demonstration in the city of Liverpool.  Read the Hope not hate article here

TWAFA Comment: It is not surprising to see a member of the Sunderland Defence League going to prison.  Sadly, that seems to be the only appropriate place for many of the SDL and their fellow travellers.

(c) TWAFA November 2017

Police in Durham to ensure demonstrations by far-right extremists and anti-fascists stay peaceful

POLICE will be in Durham to ensure demonstrations between opposing far right activists and anti-racists passes peacefully this weekend.

Bishop Auckland Against Islam announced it will join the North East Infidels for a protest in Millennium Place at 1pm, on Saturday, in response to the provision of housing for Syrian refugees in the county.

They will be opposed by the County Durham Anti-Racist Coalition and Unite Against Fascism North East. Read Gavin Engelbrecht’s article here

TWAFA Comment: Anybody who has seriously studied the brutal and vicious civil war in Syria or looked properly at the pictures of children shivering in freezing refugee camps during the cold winter months, or seen the nightmare images of those parts of Syria which the despicable so-called Islamic State were able to take over, would not begrudge County Durham Council housing a couple of hundred survivors from that terrible conflict. It appears that  members of Northeast Infidels and Bishop Auckland against Islam haven’t done so or have not understood what they show us. Our shared common humanity surely compels us to help refugees from Syria.

(c) TWAFA November 2017

North East revealed as having highest number of youngsters with far-right sympathies

Hundreds of teenagers in the North East have been reported to the Government for holding extremist views.

And a community leader “fears for the future” as it’s revealed the region has more children at risk of far right radicalisation than anywhere else in the country.

Teachers, police officers and council workers in the North East flagged up the people most at risk of radicalisation by right wing ideology to the Home Office’s Prevent programme, which aims to stop people being drawn in to terrorism, last year. Read Hannah Graham’s article here

TWAFA Comment:  This is both very disappointing and very disturbing news.  It is disappointing, because it flies in the face of the well-documented traditions of tolerance, fairness and solidarity, for which Northeast England is rightly renowned. It is disturbing, not only because a rise in hatred and right-wing views generally, will inevitably cause suffering to innocent people, but also because as, has been proved time and time again, involvement in right-wing politics solves no problems and so often the only place it gets its participants is prison. It is therefore disturbing that so many young people feel that getting involved in something that is clearly such a waste of their lives is a reasonable thing to be doing.

(c) TWAFA November 2017

Silly Billy in cash row as Jayda steals the limelight

There’s never a dull moment in the North East, home to many of the lowliest of Britain’s far right thugs.

This weekend was no exception.

A perfectly timed if wholly nonsensical demo, saw a long-running feud draw close to a climax.

The protest was organised by… Read the article from Hope not hate here

TWAFA Comment: Yet another pathetic attempt by the shabby remains of the far-right in Northeast England to stir up hatred is heading for inglorious failure.  That Northumbria Police have made it abundantly clear that there is no evidence to back any prosecutions in Chelsey’s case is of course of no consequence to  the likes of Andrew Edge and Billy Charlton. However it clearly is important to the people of Sunderland, who are simply not interested in this nonsense. 86 people turned out at this demonstration and it seems clear that many were not even from the Northeast.

The story about the allegations that Billy Charlton has stolen from a fund for others brings us back to another reoccurring theme regarding the far-right in the Northeast; that many of its leaders are really in it for the money. It is very difficult to disagree with Hope not Hate’s assertion that the Northeast infidels and its various splinter groups in our region are anything more than a drunken shower….

(c) TWAFA October 2017

I was a neo-Nazi. Then I fell in love with a black woman

She was a violent white supremacist. But an encounter in prison changed her life forever.

Angela King had gone to the bar expecting trouble. The neo-Nazi had arrived at the local dive in South Florida with a gang of violent skinheads.  Read Claire Bates’ article here

TWAFA Comment: How often have we seen this? The anger fuelling hatred on the far-right often comes from somebody who is desperately trying to hide their true personality. This is an uplifting story ultimately as Angela King has found her true self and is now contributing to society in a really positive way. She is also clearly a lot happier.

We sincerely hope that others on the far-right, including in our region, who are really only involved because they are hiding a secret about themselves can have the courage to be who they are…and leave the wasted years of involvement in the far-right behind.

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