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Disgust as Swastika and anti-Islam slurs sprayed on Newcastle walls

A Newcastle councillor has warned that religious hatred is on the rise as Nazi symbols are found daubed in a Newcastle street.

Vile graffiti, which read “f*** Muslims”, next to a Swastika symbol, was discovered on a street in Sandyford, east of the city centre.

Councillor Dipu Ahad says the disgusting image was flagged up to him by concerned residents.

He claimed it was an extreme symptom of the Islamophobia and antisemitism which he believes has increased over recent years. Read Hannah Graham’s article here

TWAFA Comment: Many Northeast men gave their lives fighting the Nazis and indeed it was a Northeast regiment, the Durham Light Infantry, which liberated the Belsen concentration camp, sadly too late to save many of those who were imprisoned there, including Anne Frank.

It speaks volumes about the far-right and those who would denigrate Muslims, that somebody should choose the symbol of the swastika to accompany their racist slurs. What on earth would those men from Northeast England who died fighting those racists who had the swastika as their symbol think?

(c) TWAFA November 2017

Sunderland woman targets school with nazi salute, swastika and anti muslim sign

A Sunderland woman has been found guilty of admitted causing racially or religiously aggravated harassment, alarm or distress, and sending a malicious communication. The outcome from a court appearance in which it was heard that Heidi Sawicki, 25 stood outside hornhill School last October aving draped a Union Jack, scrawled with a swastika, and the words “white power” and “Muslims out”.

See Sunderland Echo report on the full story here

Comment: This is an appalling story; deliberately provocative behavious by Heidi Sawicki aimed at upsetting puiuls at the school and stirring up hatred. it is surely notable that a Nazi swastika was on the flag. Let us not forget that many of those responsible for hate crimes have similar views on race to those held by the Nazis. We should never see this kind of behaviour as anythig which is remotely acceptable, any more that we find the actions of the Nazis themselves acceptable.

National Front splits again

writes Matthew Collins of Hope Not Hate Wednesday, 29 June 2016, 16:30

When they’re not drug dealing, wife beating or glue sniffing, the National Front (NF) manage to occasionally have political disagreements too.

Next year the party will celebrate its seventieth anniversary by smashing up a pub somewhere. That it has survived this long is a miracle. Since its inception it has had well over a dozen serious splits and possibly another two dozen that verged on the ridiculous. Even for the National Front.

In fact, just about every blog we have done on the National Front over the last three years has been about its drug dealing, wife beating etc, etc. That it ever had time for a little nazism was always a surprise.

The particular incarnation/faction that has split only won control of the name last year in rather acrimonious circumstances. We’ve been predicting a split since after last year’s General Election, when some sections of the party fell in with the wholly disreputable drug gang, the North West Infidels.

Then along came National Action early this year and with it some wholly unsavoury pastimes around the sexual abuse of young men. As the NF fought amongst themselves this year, there were violent visits to homes and pubs by rival gangs who were not entirely sure as to who or what they were being loyal to.

Last year, Simon Biggs left the party after throwing kicks and punches at two other members of the party during an activity.

The last month had been relatively quiet in terms of the NF. Those members who are not on bail or already in prison have been keeping their heads down. However, things appear to have changed when on Saturday there was much reporting that the NF had turned out in Newcastle (as they often do) with a large banner.

I can confirm that although the banner said it was the National Front, it was in fact the remnants of another tiny nazi splinter group, the Northern Patriotic Front (NPF). Holding the banner was none other than Simon Biggs, the former NF man with a string of convictions ranging from burglary to violent assault. In fact, Biggs had left the NPF for the NF some years previously, stealing their membership lists.

Evidence Bigssy nicked a banner

Now it looks as if the NPF and sections of the NF have merged to form a new gang. No doubt with stolen membership lists, flags, plant pots and sausage rolls. This group is apparently friendly to National Action so it would probably be best to keep your kids away from them. They have ingeniously called themselves ‘Northern Nationalists.’

What’s leff of the NF (not a lot) are furiously claiming that Simon ‘Biggsy’ Biggs stole their banner. He denies it. He has even published pics on his new website to show he did not use the NF’s banner. A pic we came across proves something a little different…

Kevin Watmough who has a history of campaigning for the release of paedophiles and downloading pornography appears to thrown his inconsiderable weight behind this new group too.

Same old rubbish. Just another name.

see original article here

Di Canio’s Mussolini worship: just one more reason its wrong.

Reports this week have focused on Italian Fascist Mussolini’s actions during World war II in 1938 when he consigned 45 men, believed to be homosexuals, into internal exile on the Tremiti archipelago, an island in the Adriatic.

This aspect of history is likely to be used by the far right and other Mussolini supporters that somehow Mussolini wasn’t really such a bad dictator. True, he didn’t send gay people to the gas chambers like Hitler, but it is still clear that he had an extremely unpleasant attitude towards those whose sexuality didn’t fit into his absurdly narrow idea of what human behaviour should be. It is at least gratifying to see that those gay people interned on the prison island of the Tremiti archipelago actually found a measure of freedom there, even though that was surely not what fascist dictator Mussolini intended.

What this story does reinforce yet again, is just how inappropriate was the appointment of Paolo Di Canio as Sunderland manager. This is a man who openly praises Mussolini and sports a huge tattoo of his hero. There can be no place for the kind of discriminatory and hateful views expressed by Mussolini towards gay people, or any other group for that matter, in the modern Northeast of England.

As the article says at the end, the struggle for equality for gay people in Italy goes on – as it does across the world. It is to be hoped that the Sunderland board may yet reflect on the appointment and reconsider it.

Durham Miners Association dissapointed by SAFC response on Di Canio

The Durham Miners’ Association have issued an additional statement today regarding Sunderland AFC’s appointment of the nazi saluting self-declared fascist Paolo Di Canio as new coach. The DMA statement can be seen here.

In a shocking response letter from Sunderland AFC, Club Chief Executive Margaret Byrne refused to confirm support for the DMA’s request that her club support a campaign “to expose the danger which fascism poses in the present economic climate”.

The DMA have decided for the moment to leave their Miners banner on display in the club, they however they have expressed publicly that

        “…. the politics of the Club’s coach should be kept under scrutiny” and emphasised that “any recurrence of fascist and/or racist undertones would mean that the banner be immediately removed and placed back in the community.”

It is absolutely stunning that Margaret Byrne could write to the Durham Miners Association stating that Paolo Di Canio is not a fascist. This is despite thefact that Di Canio has himself said that he is a fascist and proudly wears a tattoo of Italian fascist leader Benito Mussolini.  There have also been umpteen photos of Di Canio on the internet making fascist salutes.

In the immediate aftermath of the furore surrounding the appointment of Di Canio, Margaret Byrne similarly stated that Di Canio had been misquoted. One has to wonder what part of “I am a fascist”, she thinks was a misquote.

Byrne has also said that Di Canio was ‘misunderstood’.  Again one has to wonder, what Margaret Byrne has not understood about the numerous pictures on the internet of Di Canio making fascist salutes.

It does indeed seem to be the case that as mentioned by the Hope Not Hate

“Sunderland are in a hole and are intent on keeping digging. Sometime they will have to stop digging and start to face up to just what they have done in appointing an openly fascist manager like Di Canio”

Durham Miners Association express disgust at Di Canio appoinment

The Durham Miners’ Association have issued a statement stating their disgust at the decision to appoint Paolo Di Canio as manager of Sunderland AFC and have demanded the return of their Miners Banner from the club.

One ex miner described Di Canio’s appointment as “an outrage and a betrayal of all those who fought and died fighting fascism.”

It is totally understandable that the Durham Miners Association are so angry at the appointment of the self-professed fascist Paolo Di Canio, that they are asking for the banner which has being hung proudly for years at the Stadium of Light to be returned.  Given the sacrifice of men from the Durham Light Infantry in fighting against Di Canio’s fascist hero Mussolini, in North Africa and Italy and also the long struggle of the mining unions in our region fighting fascism, it is extremely reasonable of the DMA to do this.

Hopefully the board of SAFC will give it back and at the same time reflect on the wisdom of the appointment of Di Canio, a man quoted as being a fascist and seen in numerous photographs making a fascist salute and who was unable to renounce his fascism when asked about it several times at the Sunderland press conference.

Severe concern at this move has also been expressed by other anti racist and anti fascist organisations such as Hope Not Hate, Football Against Racism in Europe 

See : DMA  , Hope Not Hate 

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